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We are located in the Rancho Del Oro Plaza Shopping Center
4121 Oceanside Blvd #201, Oceanside, CA 92056 We are located at: Rancho Del Oro

Enzos BBQ is only one call away!  760-643-9602

Enzo is from the small town of Bagheria which is located in Sicily within the Province of Palermo. Bagheria is a town were heritage and culture is of the up most importance, and is also accompanied by its strong convictions and love for culinary bliss. Which is the root of Enzo’s passion for the Culinary art.

Enzo’s desire for culinary knowledge developed early on in life and helped to inspire him in his culinary studies throughout the country of Italy. Through his travels he had the privilege of being exposed to not only Italy’s best chefs but also some of the best chefs around the entire world. After Enzo completed his education he spent some time in the Italian military. Once he finished his time of service he carried his passion of food to the United States to work for his uncle. His uncle at the time was already a very established restaurant owner throughout Southern California and Phoenix, Arizona. Enzo then began to  further his culinary expertise under his uncle’s guidance. Who’s cuisine highlighted fine dinning and pinpointed the true characteristics of Northern and Southern Italy’s cooking styles.

In late 2005 Enzo decided after almost thirteen years of restaurant experience  he was confident and ready to share his passion and commitment to excellence in the culinary world. Enzo took all his knowledge and love of American culture and decided to pour his heart and soul into one of America’s true food staple. And thus, Enzo’s BBQ and Alehouse was born.  By taking an American favorite and fusing it with a touch of Italian herbs and spices he was able to enhance the flavor of all his BBQ creations tenfold.

By using this new concept of American BBQ with a touch of Italy accompanied by the best quality meats and mostly organic vegetables he was able to create a successful business right in the heart of Oceanside.